Why TJ Honey?

* You know its source.  

* You know it was made by Wyoming bees.

* You know it is not a foreign unregulated product.

* You know it is not processed like honey from many big commercial operations.

* You know the names of the people who are making this superior product available to you. 

BUT... There is something else that makes Taylor Johnson Honey stand apart from most beekeepers and honey suppliers:

Our signature honey comes primarily from the flower of the sainfoin plant, which is French for "Healthy Hay". Sainfoin is a perennial legume that is relatively new in the United States. It is used as a livestock feed. The ranch grows sainfoin for its cattle operation and also to enrich the soil. A wonderful added bonus is the sweet, delicate, and light colored honey it produces. Indeed a delicate flavor.  Please note that we cannot guarantee this honey is 100% from the sainfoin plant because a bee will forage where it wants.

There is no argument that a beekeeper with access to acres of sainfoin is blessed with a special privileged.  Many beekeepers believe that sainfoin honey is superior to honey from any other source.  

Sainfoin produces a large amount of nectar and pollen that bees simply love. The USDA reported that the “sainfoin blossoms produce copious amounts of nectar and are highly attractive to pollinating insects . . . Honey made from sainfoin is reported to be of the finest quality.”

Sainfoin is one of those special plants that enhances the environment, provides feed for livestock, and provides the needed resources for the honeybee.

There is one thing about sainfoin honey that a consumer should know - it will crystalize in less than six weeks.  Someone not familiar with honey may find this concerning, however a warm water bath will return the honey to its liquid form.

The Partnership also produces honey from other floral sources in the area (clover, alfalfa, wild flowers) and this honey is likewise superb.

Try our honey you will taste the difference.