The Team

The Partnership’s head beekeeper, Ryan Taylor, grew to love bees because of his grandfather. By his grandfather’s side, Ryan learned the art of caring for bees. He learned that a beehive (colony) is an individual living insect civilization that requires continual care and attention. Ryan continues to study the beekeeping trade - he strives to improve our way of doing things - and he is teaching the rest of the team the nuances of the insect that creates such a lovely product.  There always seems to be something new to learn.

The Johnson side of the Partnership centers around a ranch in southeast Wyoming which is owned and operated by four siblings (Richard, Charlene, Bob and Rex).  This ranch was started in 1947 and the four siblings represent the third generation. Along with cattle, this agricultural operation cultivates plants and crops that bees thrive on and cherish.

The Johnson participants in the Partnership include Rex and Peggy, their two sons (Brandon and Adam) and their wives (Shelby and Maria) and Charlene.  Charlene and Rex were born and raised on the Johnson ranch. Rex and Peggy were married in 1980. Rex, Peggy, and Charlene concentrate on management, bee production and sales.

Brandon and Adam grew up living a rural ranch Wyoming lifestyle. Brandon is in the United States Navy and Shelby is an executive marketing assistant. These two concentrate on design, marketing and sales. They are the IT experts. Adam works on the Johnson Ranch (and assists Ryan with beekeeping) and Maria concentrates on product design and development.

Every member of the Partnership has a day job and then spend their extra time improving and expanding the business of Taylor Johnson LLC.