About us

Taylor Johnson LLC is a Wyoming limited partnership dedicated to the production and sale of natural bee products produced in Wyoming.

Honey sold by Taylor Johnson Honey comes from hives located exclusively in an area surrounding the Johnson family ranch in southeast Wyoming.    

Our initial focus is to develop and care for the bees. It is the work of the honeybee that makes this relationship a success. Currently, our worker bee employees number in the millions and the goal is to increase the workforce. Our duty is all about creating jobs for the insect kingdom. These employees need love and care and at times are quite fickle. When their work is interrupted they may bless you with a stinging complaint.

Please feel free to contact us by:

Phone - 307-331-4866 - Maria

              307-331-1326 - Peggy

Email - johnsonmaria1221@gmail.com

Mail - PO Box 69, Wheatland, WY 82201